Parks and Gardens of Enköping

European Garden Award 2011

Blossoming parks by various designers (including Ulf Nordfjell, Piet Oudolf, Tomas Lindvall) are a characteristic of Enköping. The city has many green rooms that are of great inspirational value and a source of dazzling and exciting experiences, not only to those interested in horticulture, but to all visitors.

During the years, Enköping has developed a concept called the Enköping pocket parks. The criteria for a pocket park include:
a) small or intimate areas adapted to its location and surroundings or as a park within a park
b) distinctive roominess – more than often with clipped hedges
c) plants to emphasise the depth of the enterprising encounters. One goal is to attract all age groups to a variety of open sites and thus to contribute to the quality of life and health.

Each of the 20 parks provides its own impression, from the little spices and herbs garden outside the museum, to the concept gardens along the river walk and the elegant and meandering Drömparken. Perennials are an integral part of the concept allowing clever combinations of plants with very few grassed areas and the elaborate use of different textured surfaces. Additionally, each year new compositions of annual grasses and herbs in elegant colours are planted on a few places in the city.