Les Jardins de la Chatonnière

European Garden Award 2012


The 12 remarkable gardens of La Chatonnière are a well kept secret. The owner, Béatrice de Andia and her award-winning (Best Gardener in France) head gardener, Ahmed Azéroual, have combined their skills to realise a series of enchanting gardens.

The gardens vary in style and atmosphere; they awaken the senses, evoking feelings of wonder, charm and contemplation.

The Garden of Intelligence for instance is surrounded by pergolas covered with roses and clematis and displays four main beds, two pink and two blue.

The Garden of Abundance is a vegetable garden contained as a leaf-shaped design within a box. The shapes, colours and scents of the ornamental cabbages, strawberries, eggplant, basil, parsley, tomatoes and many more bring to life the segments of this leaf.

Very unique is the inclusion of the landscape, where wild flowers or sunflowers are grown just for having a kind of painting and good views into the landscape.