Gunnebo Slott and Garden, Mölndal

European Garden Award 2013


The Gardens of Gunnebo Slott are a shining example for the high quality of Swedish parks and gardens and in particular also for the innovative and uninhibited ideas to develop family destinations and places for events and education.

This was organised in Gunnebo under the motto “Gunnebo – back to the 18th century”.

In the past 10 years, this formerly state-of-the-art and most elaborate summer residence was renovated according to the old plans. Back then as today, the growing of fruit and vegetables is a part of the main uses of the garden in Gunnebo, while today it is also one of its main attractions.

What used to be reserved to the owner’s family, namely the enjoyment of the fruits of the garden, is today possible for all visitors. The restaurant processes the ecologically grown products to regional delicacies at a high level and thereby contributes to the upkeep of the park.


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