Schlosspark Ludwigslust, Ludwigslust (Germany)

European Garden Award 2016 – 2nd Prize


Schloss Ludwigslust, a Baroque residential palace built in 1772-1776 is called as the “Little Versailles of Mecklenburg”. Its huge park of 127 hectares was laid out with formal canals, fountains, neoclassical stone bridges and a cascade that falls across a lip so perfectly regular that it has the name “Roll”.

In the mid-nineteenth century much of the park was re-landscaped in the more naturalistic English landscape garden manner, under the direction of a garden designer much admired by German aristocracy: Peter Joseph Lenné. He remodelled the water near the Schloss in a more naturalistic manner and the surrounding woodland edges were modified with clumps of trees. But the main axis “Hofdamenallee” centred on the palace straight through the woods, and the narrow Great Canal, laid out at an angle to one side, were remained.

A wonderful park view can be enjoyed from the terrace of the Swiss chalet. It was built in 1789 as a summer residence for the Duchess Louise. In the castle park the Louise-Mausoleum, built in Egyptian style, the Helenen-Paulownen-Mausoleum, a Gothic church, a grotto and various monuments can be admired.

Since the 1990s and until today the main tasks of park management are preservation, care and supplement of the trees and shrubs and the restoration and enhancement of the unique green structures with their vistas and baroque design elements. But the buildings are of major relevance for the appearance and attractiveness of the park too.

Since 1997, most buildings have been renovated or even reconstructed, also the cascade at the Schlossplatz and all hydraulic structures, the Hofdamenallee and the grass parterre with a huge number of sculptures and vases. A flower garden was opened in 2009. Today visitors enjoy the park in perfect shape as an important cultural heritage site and as a location for a number of events in perfect harmony between nature, art, culture, heritage and sustainable development.

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