Back in 1570 Jörgen Haverlanth founded the first pumpernickel bakery in medievel Soest. Today the 12th generation in uninterrupted succession bakes the savoury pumpernickel in Germany’s oldest family bakery – just like in great, great, great … grandfather’s days.

The corn of the last three harvests is blended and then ground in their own corn-mill. This procedure guarantees the same high quality even when a summer is too dry or too rainy.

As 400 years ago, the Haverlands only need rye corn (from the wholesome and nutrious Soester-Börde rye) and water to create this mild but aromatic delicacy in 24 hours baking time. The original Soester Pumpernickel is one of the few baked products that does not need even a pinch of salt. After the baking process, the pumpernickel is heated to sterilise and conserve it without preservatives.

Bäckerei Haverland GmbH & Co. KG
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59494 Soest
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