The town of Hörstel is located in the central part of the Münsterland park landscape on the southern slopes of the Teutoburger Wald, which begins here with the 98-metre-high Huckberg.

The area around the Surenburg in the Riesenbeck district of Hörstel is regarded as the Mecca of German carriage drivers. Spectators can witness top-class carriage driving here in national or international championships. The highlight of each championship is the cross-country drive, when the horses and carriages have to master various obstacles or gallop through streams and ditches.

No fewer than 62 businesses in the town keep horses. Three riding and carriage-driving clubs as well as a breeding facility of the Stud of North Rhine-Westphalia are based in this equestrian municipality.

Another favourite spot is the Torfmoorsee recreation area, where there is a lake for bathing. This area is located between Bevergern and Hörstel.

Today’s charming town district of Bevergern was once a small agricultural town in its own right. Above all the late-Gothic Catholic parish church, the Heimathaus (heritage house) and the locks at the Westfalenstrasse are worth seeing.

The Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst (Gravenhorst Monastery Art Museum) was opened with a wide-ranging programme of events in the early summer of 2004. Kunsthaus Gravenhorst is an open museum for contemporary art. Its main aim is to provide new forms of cultural education and skilled, broad-scale support for artistic creativity as well as to act as a forum for information and communication about art.

Stadt Hörstel
Haus Surenburg-Riesenbeck
Reiterverein Riesenbeck
Erholungsgebiet Torfmoorsee
Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst