Many people know the castle and wildlife park in Raesfeld. The Stegerhoff farm in Raesfeld-Erle is a place one should definitely get to know: on their farm, which has been owned by the family for generations, Ingrid and Johannes Stegerhoff produce delicious liqueurs and exquisite jams and jellies using traditional and organic production methods, which means no colour additives or preservatives. The liqueurs are made from pure fruit juice, which enhances the taste immensely.

The family sell their products directly in their farm shop, at food markets, the Raesfeld Kappes- und Adventsmarkt and of course by mail order.

It is true to say that Christmas is not Christmas without the special Christmas liqueur made from apples, quince, cinnamon, red wine and spices – if you have tasted it you cannot imagine advent without it. So connoisseurs: To Raesfeld, it is worth it!

The Stegerhoff family have been a member of Slow Food for many years.

Hof Stegerhoff
Familie Johannes Stegerhoff
Marienthaler Str. 44
46348 Raesfeld-Erle
Tel: 02865-315

Verkaufszeiten im Hofladen:
Montags bis Freitags 9.00 bis 18.30 Uhr
Samstags 9.00 bis 17.00 Uhr