Knights used to cross their swords here. Nowadays though, it is a lot more peaceful in the grounds of the old manor house Hülshoff in Tecklenburg: the worst confrontation might be the crossing of goats’ horns.

Apart from pigs, hens, and cows, there are approximately 100 animals on the goat farm since 1989, which is owned by Ludger Weiligmann and Dunja Kaiser sind 2010 now.  About 80 animals are milked here daily and the goat’s milk is used to produce cheese: cream cheese, soft cheese, and hard cheese – an impressive 4,000 kg per year. The “Tecklenburger Hosenknopf“ – a small soft cheese with white mould similar to a camembert, the hard cheese “Zickel-Tomme”, the goat’s milk cheese pickled in thyme, rosemary and garlic, and the various ash and sage cheeses are an irresistible temptation for the customer.

The visitor can buy these delicacies in the farm shop or on Fridays at the market for organic produce. The farm shop also sells spelt bread with goat’s milk cheese and onions baked in the farm’s stone oven.

If you would like to cook goat’s meat, this is the right address: from mid March until Whitsun you can order a goat’s kid or buy pork or beef in quantities of 10 kg or more for your deep freezer. Of course all the produce is produced organically on the farm.

Since 2001 the farm is a „Slow-Food-Farm“ and is now following the Demeter principles too.

Ziegenhof Haus Hülshoff
Ludger Weiligmann und Dunja Kaiser
Haus Hülshoff 2
49545 Tecklenburg
Tel: 05482-1096

Farm Shop:
Open daily from 08.00 bis 19.00