Schwalm-Nette Nature Reserve covers an area of 435 sq km and has been in existence for more than 50 years. Here, the natural world and the landscape are characterised by a charming interplay of woods, meadows, pastures and arable land as well as streams, rivers, moors and lakes. Near-primal wetlands which are significant spawning grounds for amphibians can be found along the Niers, Nette, Schwalm and Rur rivers.

Since 1997, Schwalm-Nette Nature Reserve has maintained its northernmost nature centre in Haus Püllen, a listed building in Wachtendonk dating from 1634. The municipality of Wachtendonk also provides its tourist information service here, in the historical town centre.

Haus Püllen offers visitors a range of information, educational activities and exhibitions. The development of the reserve’s natural world, culture and landscape from the Ice Ages to the present day is illustrated with the aid of twelve models.

This information is supplemented by temporary exhibitions. A film shows the diversity, unique characteristics and beauty of the nature reserve.

Haus Püllen Nature Reserve Centre is also home to a farm garden and an orchard meadow with old varieties of apple. The front section of the garden contains herbaceous perennials as well as a pergola covered with roses and wisteria. A small kitchen garden is bordered by a hedge with an arched opening. Two raised beds with herbs can be found here.

Naturpark Schwalm-Nette
Naturparkzentrum Wachtendonk
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