The picturesque villages of Thornton Hough and Port Sunlight lie just a short distance from the Merseyside conurbation. Unlike Port Sunlight, engulfed over the past century by the surrounding urban sprawl, the tranquil hamlet of Thornton Hough has retained its idyllic rural surroundings. It boasts a much longer and more varied history than the Victorian village of Port Sunlight, and dates back to the reign of Edward II [1307-1327]. Its present day appearance, however, like Port Sunlight, owes much to Victorian philosophies of philanthropy and in particular the work of two entrepreneurs, William Hesketh Lever [also responsible for the development of Port Sunlight] and Joseph Hirst, both of whom chose the village as their permanent place of residence. Thornton Hough is becoming increasingly well known for its annual scarecrow competition which takes place each summer.

The shorter history of Port Sunlight does not reduce its beauty, and the town boats buildings such as the Lady Lever Art Gallery – the magnificence of which is accented by its long, tree-lined approach. Indeed, both villages, with their meticulous landscaping, provide great insight into the North West’s extensive industrial heritage and the lives of those who created it.

Other nearby attractions

Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight
With collections of 18th and 19th century paintings, this magnificent building is just one of the many gems of the village. See website:
Port Sunlight;
Port Sunlight Village Community

Wirral Country Park
Running for 12 miles up the Wirral Peninsula and including attractive beaches the Wirral Country Park is on the site of a former railway line. Featuring wild flowers, it is now a popular amongst walkers, cyclists and horse riders, much of which runs along the coast. : Wirral Country Park

Ness Gardens
The botanical gardens of the University of Liverpool are world renowned. The highlight is in spring with the Laburnum Arches. Ness Gardens