Travel through time from the rocks and fossils of millions of years ago until you enter the world of Victorian collections in the extensive and newly refurbished galleries at this family friendly museum. In 1888 the renowned surgeon Sir Jonathon Hutchinson founded the museum in the grounds of his home in Haslemere. Determined to offer educational opportunities to local people, he allowed the public to enjoy his life’s collection of objects of interest in the field of botany, geology and social history. The huge popularity of the Museum led to the launch of an innovative series of lectures and activities, which still continue today.
In 1926 the Museum arrived at its present site in the High Street where it has become a popular landmark for the town. The oldest part of the building dates back to the 16th century and although it was altered in the middle of the 19th century, the façade is little changed from its appearance in Georgian times.
The extensive grounds and gardens contain a number of unusual trees and shrubs; a ha-ha and a stunning view south towards Lythe Hill. Visitors can take a picturesque walk through the woods past the Gazebo and pond.