An exceptional experience of the natural world and one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the EU can be found just 6 km to the north of Münster town centre. Covering approximately 640 hectares, the Rieselfelder wetlands provide an important habitat for rare species of animal and plants. Endangered species of water birds and shorebirds such as black-tailed godwits, dunlins and pintails find shelter here. The Rieselfelder are also a welcome resting place for many migratory birds. In order to ensure that the nature reserve remains in optimum condition, the Biological Station was founded in 1968. The voluntary workers at the station take care of the nature reserve as well as attending to numerous scientific research programmes. Of particular interest is the nature trail, which explains not only the wide variety of species but also ecological interrelationships. Whether on foot or by bike, visitors can see the rich variety of bird species and beautiful natural landscape from many observation points.

Rieselfelder Münster