The Prinzipalmarkt forms the heart of the historical Hanseatic city. 48 “arch houses” with Gothic and Renaissance gables of pale sandstone have stood side by side here since the 12th century, giving the city centre its unmistakable charm. Elegant shops beneath the romantic arcades make the Prinzipalmarkt one of the most attractive shopping streets in Germany. The Prinzipalmarkt is also home to the historical Town Hall dating from the 14th century. Its Friedenssaal (Hall of Peace) was the location for the agreement of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. A few metres further on, the Lambertikirche (Church of St. Lambert) stretches up towards the sky. The late-Gothic hall church from the 15th century houses Münster’s “loftiest municipal charge office”, where Münster’s tower keeper keeps watch over the city. Behind the Lambertikirche is the Roggenmarkt (Rye Market), which opens out onto Spiekerhof. Here too the historical merchant houses create a captivating city panorama.

Stadt Münster Altstadt