Through marriage and inheritance the Lords were called successively Roche Jagu, Troguindy, du Parc, Péan, and d’Acigné. La Roche Jagu became a banner of Jean Péan then a baronetcy in 1487 under Jean Péan who died in the battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier in 1488. Several Lords of la Roche Jagu became Chamberlains to the Dukes and Captain-Generals to the Bishops of Tréguier or sometimes Knights of the Order of the King.

La Roche Jagu was to pass through inheritance from the Acigné family to Louis François Armand de Vignerot du Plessix, Duke of Richelieu and Marshal of France, who himself would sell the chateau and its land in 1773 to Mr Le Prêtre de Châteaugiron. He in turn sold it to Armand Mériadec Le Gonidec de Traissan in 1783, councillor in the Parliament of Brittany. The marriage of the latter’s only daughter brought la Roche Jagu into the estate of the du Plessix d’Argentré family and then that of the Viscounts of Alès. The latter gave la Roche Jagu to the Local Government of the Département of Côtes du Nord (Conseil Général des Côtes du Nord) in 1958.