Port du Bec, a small harbour in the Breton marsh of the Vendée, is known as the “Chinese harbour” because of its wooden walkways. It offers culinary delights such as elvers – young eels which are particularly prized by gourmets. A further regional speciality is the “Vendée Atlantique” oyster , the pride and joy of the oyster growers.

Port du Bec is one of the destinations on the oyster route, from the bay of Bourgneuf to the Bay of Aiguillon. The visitor learns how the oysters grow and develop and how the oyster growers succeed with great patience in giving them the unique characteristics for which they are valued all over the world. The oyster growers’ work takes place between the marshes and the sea. This work shapes the landscape with its endless rows of “tables”, on which the oysters are laid out and grown for two to three years.