The famous tradition of cider production on Ferme du Pressoir in Pays de Craon was originally started in 1871 and is continued today by the Pressoir family. Sonia and Rémy Pressoir, the fifth generation of cider-makers in the family, are looking forward to your visit at the gateway to Anjou, Maine and Brittany.

Since they took over the farm, they have expanded the area used for fruit-growing from 13 to 19 hectares and have planted eating apples alongside apples for cider and pears for making must.

Ferme du Pressoir has received 15 awards, among them the “Médaille d’Excellence” in 2000. The farm offers a wide range of quality products, including Pommeau [aperitif made from apple must and Calvados], sweet and dry cider, pear must, apple juice, eau de vie made from fine Maine cider and Williams pears, Pommé (traditional jam) and cider vinegar. All these delicious products can be found in the “Caveau” [cellar] in unique glass bottles, which are made on the farm by Rémy Pressoir.

During the visit you will go up the stairs to the Pommeau cellar – an unusual feature of Ferme du Pressoir is that the cellar is upstairs and not in the basement!

Here you will find a photographic exhibition on the tradition of cider-making. The tour ends in the cosy bakery, where you can sample all the products of the farm. These are served with traditional-style rillettes and homemade bread from Ferme du Pressoir.