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A place of delight and discovery, a place in which to play and spend time, a place for an unforgettable day surrounded by nature.

Branféré is a unique concept which brings together in one place a zoo, a botanic garden, an adventure park (Parcabout®) and a centre for environmental education (l’École Nicolas Hulot).

Visiting Branféré means:

  • enjoying time with the family in Parcabout®: 3,000 metres of nets hung in the trees and an irresistible desire to have fun, relax, and swing to and fro entirely freely at a height of two to eight metres
  • taking time out in the zoo and the botanic garden: embark on a journey amidst a centuries-old botanic garden with a thousand animals from five continents (giraffes, zebras, oryx antelopes, red pandas, gibbons, pygmy hippopotami, maned wolves, Asian otters, pink flamingos…)
  • marvelling at the performances of birds: storks, pelicans, eagles, vultures, falcons, parrots and colourful parakeets fly to within a hair’s breath of your body
  • learning at l’École Nicolas Hulot: an educational programme in the park to promote better understanding and respect for nature: nutritional resources, presentation of endangered species….