Located at the heart of a vast and attractive estate covering more than 100 hectares, this majestic dwelling from the end of the 16th century was embellished in the 18th century by several generations of advisers to the Parlement de Bretagne.

Come and discover this exceptional jewel – classified as an “Historical Monument” – and above all its various gardens: the vegetable and flower garden, restored according to documents from the château archives (Prix Villandry 2013); the “Jardins à la Française”; “du Caroussel”, with its carefully planned perspectives, which are reminiscent of the classicism of large parks inspired by Le Nôtre; and the zoological garden, which takes visitors on a journey around the world on which they can see rare and protected species from all five continents in faithfully recreated exotic environments.

Round off your visit with two exceptional playful and cultural spectacles: falconry and pack hunting which – uniquely in France – illustrate two ancestral traditions and passions of French kings.