The Large Dance Circle along with the bandstand was completed in 1952. Located at the Maple Alley it is an outstanding example of the 1950s social-realism architecture. Sandstone steps lead up from the alley to the circle. The entrance to the circle itself is guarded by two large sculptures of dancing figures in folk costumes.

Established between 1954 and 1958, the Silesia Zoological Garden is one of the youngest in Poland. Set on 48 hectares, the Silesia ZOO is home of more than 3.000 animals representing about 360 species. The extraordinary Valley of the Dinosaurs was opened within the ZOO area in 1975 and features life-sized figures of the creatures that roamed the Earth millions years ago. The sandstone gate adorning the ZOO’s main entrance dates early 20th century and was transferred from the nearby Donnersmarck Palace (burnt by the Red Army in 1945) to be refurbished here in 1960.

Silesia Planetarium, the oldest and largest planetarium in Poland, was opened on 4 December, 1955 to commemorate the legendary achievements of Nicolaus Copernicus. The inside of the 23m-high dome is used as a screen imitating sky on which the images of planets, constellations and other celestial bodies are displayed. The stairs leading up to the main entrance are guarded by a statue of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Since 1959 the Silesia Amusement Park offers a variety of attractions as well as numerous bars and cafes. Advanced attractions include the Big Planes, simulating a real flight, the 40 m Ferris Wheel and the rollercoaster.

In the summer of 1963, on the green meadows surrounding the famous “Łania” restaurant and not far from the Planetarium an outdoor, artistic meeting of renowned sculptors was organized. These annual artistic events were held in the late 70-ties and early 80-ties. Eventually 35 sculptures have survived and as the Gallery of Silesian Sculpture continue to remind visitors of the stylistic trends of the past decades.

The Silesia Rope Park offers three obstacle routes of varying difficulty to choose from. There are double-rope bridges, platforms, ladders, nets and eight flying foxes. The rope park hangs on 26 wooden posts. The total length of all the rope courses is 710m.

With all these (and other) attractions, Silesia Park is a perfect, all-year-round destination for nature and garden lovers, those interested in architecture, sport and fitness enthusiasts and all people who enjoy any kind of outdoor activity. In contrast to the busy summers, during the winter visitors come for a walk to experience peace and quiet in the park covered by snow.