Parks and Gardens as Common European Cultural Heritage

themen_normalThis website invites the user to undertake a virtual journey between large and small gardens and parks in an increasing number of European countries, thus facilitating a visual experience of European garden design. The paths trace five European themes which reveal the common roots of European garden design as well as important distinctive features. In addition, it is possible to follow the role of parks and gardens in history and politics, in culture and urban development.

These five European themes invite the visitor to undertake a virtual journey of discovery:

Often it are the concealed, unknown or hidden parks and gardens which are waiting to be discovered by garden lovers. They are hardly less attractive than more famous parks and gardens and can be explored by visitors in peace and at leisure.

If we have awakened your curiosity, why not embark on the visual journey through the parks and gardens, why not let yourself be tempted to make an actual visit? But please also appreciate that a small number of these parks and gardens are only open infrequently: these corners of paradise need care as well as peace and quiet, but reward the patient visitor with unique enjoyment and atmospheric experiences.