The Village of Astbury lies to the South of Congleton. A gem in Cheshire’s countryside, it boasts one of the few remaining traditional village greens in the county. The fourteenth century gothic styled church is an imposing feature of the village landscape, towering over the former estate-workers’ cottages which line the green. The centrepiece of these homes, largely constructed in the eighteenth century in brick and half timber, is a seventeenth century black and white half-timbered house located close to the church.

This beautiful village seems almost lost in time; its tranquility in stark contrast to the hectic lifestyle experienced in may of the larger towns nearby – including Stoke-on-Trent located in “The Potteries” to the South. Astbury also provides an ideal gateway to the Peak District National Park in the East (see links below).

While the village is equally picturesque throughout all four seasons, there is little to better the picture-perfect view of the tree on the green after snowfall – or of the swathe of daffodils that flower on this precious open space each April.

Other nearby sites

The Egerton Arms
This fifteenth century inn is located adjacent to the church within the village. It is named after the famous Egerton family. The pub serves lunch and dinner, and also ha Egerton Arms

Biddulph Grange Gardens
Located a short drive away, just into Staffordshire, these rare Victorian Gardens are a must-see. See website : Biddulph Grange Gardens

Mow Cop and the Peak District
The Peaks rise above the village a short distance to the east, providing limitless opportunity for both short and long walks around the idyllic landscape. See website: Peak District .

Free Region Guide to the Peak District
A detailed and accurate region guide with trails in The Peak District, provided by Lukas Saville of, can be downloaded for free. It has all the information about each trail, thorough route guides, and even GPS coordinates.  Please use this link:


Astbury Mere
A short distance north of Astbury Village this site is ten acres of open space with paths, a visitor centre and a mere. There is a wide variety of natural habitats acknowledged to be amongst the most diverse in the region.