Ostpark am Gleisdreieck, Berlin

European Garden Award 2012 – Finalist

On 2nd September 2011, the Ostpark (East Park) in Berlin was opened as one section of the Gleisdreieck. The Gleisdreieck has been an informal, wild park, discovered and used by those people who loved the mix of vegetation, wilderness and heritage that emerged on the site since the former railway line, the station building and other utility buildings have become derelict after the second world war.

Today the main axe from West to East, leading across the main square too, is named “Generalszug”. The name was based on the spacious streets and squares that were built here to commemorate the liberation wars against Napoleon I.

A vast lawn, the Kreuzberg Green, forms the centre of the 17-acre park. Straight concrete paths lead to children’s playgrounds (called Stangenwald and Kinderzimmer). The design also includes a dry grass grove, a rose-scented garden, areas for table tennis and boules and the central square close to the little shopping area at the museum.