Architect and Decorator

The Maastricht architect and decorator Mathias Soiron was born into a family of architects who worked in and around Maastricht. Other family members were stonemasons and cabinet makers. This background and the fact that he was related to families of silversmiths contributed to the development of Soiron’s artistic talent.

Soiron’s legacy includes an extensive collection of drawings which give an insight into the architect’s creative spirit. The collection consists of designs for houses, churches, gardens, interiors and furniture as well as for many other objects such as wheelchairs, ladders and French windows. This diversity is proof that Soiron was best able to develop his abilities when given the opportunity to create a Gesamtkunstwerk. Then he designed everything in the same style – not only the architectural construction of a house but also the interior furnishings and decoration of the rooms, the wood panelling, stairs, walls and ceilings.

Today, the extensive collection of drawings and designs can be found in the Regionaal Historisch Centrum Limburg.