“And finally I’ve found the words to describe its exquisite bouquet and the elegance of its colour, and never again will this wine be contemplated, smelt and tasted in the same way…”, Jean Bellard.

The Bouvet-Ladubay winery, which was founded in 1851, was the first exporter of Saumur Brut – a handmade luxury product. On the way to the wine cellars, past the calash room and the summer hall, the Bouvet-Ladubay firm invites the visitor to discover its wines, which are still produced by traditional methods. Wine and gastronomy enter into a harmonious partnership here and the visitor can contemplate, smell and finally taste the wines.

The caves in the Saumur area are concealed in soft sandstone and house a mushroom museum. 12 tons of mushrooms are harvested here annually. The visitor learns about the secrets of mushroom-growing and can marvel at and taste a wide range of exotic mushooms, including oyster mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, and pieds bleus mushrooms (lepista nuda).