Ideally situated between the famous Pink Granite Coast, Paimpol and Ile de Bréhat, Côte d’Ajoncs will quickly become your secret favourite garden when it has shown you the multiple facets of its character: sandy beaches, gravel and jagged points; circles of rocky islets and blocks of granite sculpted by the elements; small picturesque creeks; manor houses and remarkable gardens along the Jaudy river.

The sea displays its complete prowess along a stretch of 50 kilometres: a wild, rocky and craggy coast, a coast exposed to the elements with landscapes perfect for film settings; then again, a gently rolling coast with dunes and a protective archipelago; sunsets viewed from terraces which seem to have been just made for Trégor’s hospitality; an estuary with three branches which defines the landscape and provides a home and shelter to the area’s birds and the ships which sail here.

Le Kestellic
This remarkable garden overlooking the Jaudy river offers a unique view of Tréguier. Natural Mediterranean vegetation – strawberry trees, mulberry trees, myrtles, holm oaks and cork oaks – can be found here in enchanting surroundings amidst streams, ponds and cascades and alongside numerous other plants of various origins which have adapted well to this location.

Le Pellinec
Variety in beauty – this also applies to this garden, which nestles at the end of Baie de Pellinec. It forms the heart of the stretch. An uninterrupted harmonious scene of colours and structures awaits us here as does a presentation of the rarest plants. The seven hectares are divided into various themes: the exotic garden, the iris garden with its boardwalks, the Australian garden, the English Garden, the rhododendron avenue and the water-lily pond.

More information: Website of the Tourism Board Trégor-Côte D’Ajoncs