The Kornbrennerei Ehringhausen is located approximately half an hour’s drive away from Schlosspark Nordkirchen. For over 700 years, the family Glitz-Ehringhausen has maintained the tradition and continuity of the farm. In addition, there is a schnapps distillery which has been in existence for two generations. High-quality spirits made from purely organic products are produced here. The entire production process is carried out on the farm – starting with grinding the corn, then producing the spirits, and finally bottling and packaging them.

Spelt or wheat is used as the basis for all products. Like emmer and einkorn, spelt is the one of the oldest cultivated wheat forms and is a robust early grain with a characteristic, slightly nut-like taste. This taste is preserved during alcohol production.

The fine grain is made into exquisite schnapps without the use of any chemical or artificial additives. The production of a half-litre bottle of schnapps requires approximately 9,000 grains of wheat or spelt. The grain and all the other ingredients used such as fruit, eggs, cream and fine spices are organically produced and are processed directly when fresh.

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Kornbrennerei Ehringhausen
Ehringhauser Weg 2
59368 Werne
Tel.: 02389-2197